Smart, Innovative Electrical Contractors for Camberwell and Surrounds

Trust the team with the reputation for excellent customer service and rigorous quality standards. MEH Electrical has been providing Melbourne with industry-leading electrical work for nearly two decades. We’re the company you can rely on to deliver effective solutions at the best prices.

Our Camberwell team of electricians can help you get your home, store, office or business safe, energy-efficient and working better. Save money, time and effort with a visit from a company who really knows how to get the most from the grid.

Homes and businesses can cut their utility bills and ensure occupants are safe and protected through careful and regular maintenance of their wiring and switchboard. Our team of electricians do a whole lot more than just change lightbulbs – we’re qualified to completely rewire structures of all sizes to full compliance with Australian laws and regulations. Business owners can rest assured that their three-phase power systems are in good hands when they have our electrical contractors on speed-dial.

The electricians with the solutions

We pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of our knowledge and our dedication to customer service. With 17 years of experience, our electricians can’t be stumped. Working in homes and business – including large projects such as sporting venues and showrooms – across the city has given us a great deal of experience in solving problems of all shapes and sizes. From Camberwell to Reservoir and across the city, you can count on MEH Electrical to deliver.

Contact our Eltham office today for a no-obligation quote or for advice on a refit, rewire or renovation. Call on 0488 064 542 or email our team at Cut costs, protect family/employees and increase the value of your property with help from the very best at MEH Electrical.